San Diego Film Crew

SD Film Crew was originally founded in San Diego in 1999 and operates as one of Southern California’s premiere production companies for commercial and branded content.  We operate primarily between Los Angeles and San Diego as well as internationally. From pre-production to post,  SD film crew is here to provide you with all your production needs.  We provide everything from  ideation, storyboarding, producing and post production. We provide union and non union crew members from directors, producers, camera operators, to all departments that your production may need. We work with leading  creative marketing and advertising agencies around the Globe and are looking forward to working with your company. Your vision is our goal.

Crew and Staff

SD Film Crew offers union and non union crew members.


SD Film Crew offers story boarding, budgeting, scripting, and all things pre-production to achieve the highest level of production quality


Whether you are a direct client, or agency SD Film Crew offers a variety of production needs. We can provide co-producing opportunities for your company or can produce and manage projects outright.

Post Production

SD Film Crew offers post production services from color, sound, animation and editing.

Our Story

From our beginning in 1999 until today we have continued to grow.  Our goal is set at being the highest standard of production available in the industry. We take pleasure in providing quality service that remains at the forefront of video production in the world market.

  • We care about you the customer
  • Production quality and professionalism is always priority
  • Whatever the size of the production we will provide you with quality service

Valued Customers

We’ve had the honor to work with a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500® companies to some of today’s hottest entertainment programs.